Sulk Players' Manual

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When CPs are being used the CP button is lit:

While using CPs, Marines do not change status. CPs are spent in the most appropriate way.


To force a Marine to shoot instead of move, use this button:

It becomes lit. The Marine will shoot whenever this makes sense, instead of moving and instead of using doors.

To make a Marine move and shoot when possible, press this button:

It becomes lit. The Marine will only shoot if it is possible for him to shoot for free.


To put a Marine on overwatch, press this button:

Remember, the piece can do nothing else until overwatch is cancelled (by toggling the button again).

Remember, overwatch fire can cause Marines' guns to jam. To unjam a Marine's weapon, you must use the keyboard (keypad .).


Flamer Marines show extra info when they are selected:

A Flamer can self-destruct if you press this button:

Pressing the button causes a dialog to pop up:

Keyboard control

C - toggle CPs
keypad ENTER - toggle shoot
keypad - - toggle move and shoot
keypad * - toggle overwatch
keypad . - unjam (for Flamers: self-destruct)