Sulk Players' Manual

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Learning the game

Space HulkTM is an easy game to learn, although ideally you would have someone on hand who has played the board game to explain the finer points of the rules. This manual can't replace the original, specifically because it won't explain the reasons behind many of the rules. We will concentrate more on how the rules are implemented than why they exist.

Sulk is not that easy to learn without knowing Space Hulk, because (for example) finding line of sight, counting squares between pieces, and keeping track of the overall situation in a game is much harder without models. At least you don't have to make the puzzle-pieces of the board fit together before playing!

We'll use graphical examples of Sulk in action to make understanding how to play a bit easier. In future versions of the program there may be a user interface that actually betters the Games Workshop models - but for now let's just explain how it works.

Legal information

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