Sulk Players' Manual

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The timer

The Marines have 2 minutes to complete their action phase, plus 30 seconds for each sergeant in play. When a sergeant is killed, his bonus is lost.

APs and CPs

The Marines have up to 6 extra action points to spend between them each turn. These are called Command Points (CPs). The number used so far is displayed together with the number of APs remaining. For example, the current piece has 4 APs left, and the Marines have used no CPs so far:
AP:0 CP:2
The Marine player can toggle this display to show the number of CPs remaining instead:
AP:0 CP:2

Spending CPs can be done together with APs on an active piece, or as CPs only on an inactive piece. (This means the Marine player can return to a used piece to spend CPs on it.) CPs can be saved for use during the Stealer action phase. (Marines interrupt)


The Space Marines enter the board in squads of five men (one sergeant, one Marine with a Heavy Flamer and three generic Marines). There are no reinforcements for the Marines.

Here's a squad:


Marines have 4 APs. This diagram shows how many APs it costs for them to move in a given direction:

Marines can turn 90° for 1 AP or 180° for 2 APs.

Marines can use doors in their front three squares for 1 AP.


Close combat

Marines can attack in close combat for 1 AP. They roll 1 die. If the target is a door, the die must score at least 6 to win the combat.

Sergeants get +1 on their die roll in close combat.

Storm Bolter

Marines and sergeants shoot with a Storm Bolter (a kind of machine gun). To shoot a Stealer or closed door costs 1 AP. 2 dice are rolled, and if at least one die scores a 6 or more, then the Stealer or door is destroyed.

There is a sustained-fire bonus for firing repeatedly at the same target without switching targets, turning, or moving. If the Marine misses on the first shot, the next shot has a +1 bonus to each die roll. This accumulates up to +3 (so rolling two 2's is always a miss.)

It is possible to move and shoot as one action. This costs 1 AP to move forward and then shoot, or 2 APs to move backward and then shoot. The Marine does not get a sustained-fire bonus in this case.


If armed with a Storm Bolter, a Marine can go into overwatch for 2 APs. When he is in overwatch the Marine automatically shoots at any Stealers that move in his line of sight. Overwatch lasts through one Stealer action phase. A Marine that is overwatching may not perform any other action until he cancels or loses overwatch. A Marine on overwatch gets a marker like this:

In overwatch a Marine will shoot for free at any Stealer that performs any action (turning, moving, using a door, or attacking) after it has performed that action. The target must be within 12 squares (the range of a Storm Bolter in overwatch). In overwatch there is no sustained-fire bonus, and if any double (e.g. two 6's) is rolled on the dice, the bolter has jammed.

Overwatch is lost when the gun jams, or as soon as the Marine is attacked in close combat.


Jams last until they are cleared. A Marine with a jammed bolter gets a marker like this:

It costs 1 AP to clear a jam.

Heavy Flamer

Flamer Marines have 6 shots with their Heavy Flamer. These have to last the whole game. To shoot with the flamer costs 2 APs. The target must be a visible board square (possibly occupied by a Stealer, but not by a closed door). The target square must be within 12 squares of the Marine. The whole room, apart from any areas that are sealed off by closed doors, are covered in flames until the next end phase:

Any piece in the affected area is killed on a roll of 2 or more. The same room can be flamed twice in one turn, if necessary. It is not possible to use overwatch or to move and shoot with the flamer.


The only way for a Flamer Marine to flame the room he is in is to self-destruct. This costs 1 AP and automatically destroys every piece and door in the room. To do this he must have at least one flamer shot remaining.