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20040119: Mothballed

The project is now in a state of suspended animation until further notice. I'm hoping to have some time for Sulk this year as soon as my degree is complete :) Please contact me directly if you have any questions.

Posted by zirtix

20030623: Snapshot release

0.29-snapshot-20030623 fixes some bugs with Space Hulk mission 3, and has some new graphics. Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20030616: New release

0.28 is out. This has a slightly better AI player, and some new units from Deathwing. There are also internal changes. Another original mission has been added (quite tough, so feedback appreciated). Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20030523: CVS is ready

You can now get Sulk using anonymous CVS. If using Unix, to get a copy of the tree you can do:

$ cvs checkout unstable

Note that the CVS version may be broken from time to time, and is likely to be ugly or buggy. But you can still file bugs against it if you know what you're doing. Note that we will now be counting bugs as 'fixed' when CVS is patched rather than when a new release is made.

Posted by zirtix

20030417: Bugfix release

0.27 fixes a few bugs in the AI which made it rather unusable. There's also a new mission to try out, feedback appreciated.Get it.

Posted by zirtix

20030416: New release

0.26 is out. Awesome.

Posted by zirtix

20030326: Site update

News - Zirtix says project still alive. Hacking promised once term ends...

However, CVS won't be worth setting up until there are patches coming in. Feel free to hack on what there is.

Posted by zirtix

20030109: Snapshot release

Another new release. New features - tooltips and yet more theme tweaks, together with bugfixes (see if you can spot them). Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20030106: Manual update

The manual has been refreshed for 0.25. Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20030103: 'Major' release

Another new release. New features - better menus, a new config file format, and new movement UI. A right-click ahead of the selected piece will move it. Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20021218: Snapshot release

Another new release. We're out of the sync with the manual again. New features - an unjam button, theme tweaks, and a better pause menu. Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20021215: 'Major' release

A new release, and a shiny new theme! Check out the screenshot for an idea. Also new in this release, missions 5 and 6! And also new, a different control method for turning pieces (see the revised manual for details). Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20021209: Snapshot release

There's another release, this time with embryonic UI for the C.A.T. in mission 3 ('Rescue'). Download it here.

Posted by zirtix

20021204: Manual

Sulk now has a manual. It should be available as a self-contained download soon.

Posted by zirtix

20021121: New release

Various features have been kludged up implemented in version 0.23. There are smaller graphics, which are unfortunately no easier on the eye! Also included, the fabulous mission 4 ('Cleanse and Burn'). Download it today!

Posted by zirtix

20021113: Bugfix release

The globbing issue breaking win32 has been corrected in 0.23-snapshot-20021113.

Posted by zirtix

20021113: Windows bug

The developers neglected to test the initial release on non-Linux platforms! It is reported that Sulk will not run on win32.

Due to this farcical lameness, it is recommended not to try Sulk out on this platform until the bug is fixed and a new release is made.

Posted by zirtix

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