Sulk Players' Manual

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Deploying a piece


For each Blip you must deploy (either at initial deployment or as reinforcements) this message will appear:

The value of the new blip is secret ('*?*') unless you toggle secrets on. When you do this the message changes:

"[3,1]" means that there are two blips left to deploy, and that their values are 3 and 1. "Current: 3" means that of these two blips, the one currently being deployed has value 3.

To deploy, click on a highlighted lurking area:

The process repeats until all the blips are deployed, or there is nowhere left to deploy to.

Remember each entry area can only have up to three Blips lurking at once. Also, it is up to you to work out if there is a Marine close enough to the entry point (6 spaces) to force new Blips there to lurk for a turn.


For each Marine you must deploy this message will appear:

To deploy a Marine, either the Marine player or the Stealer player clicks on a highlighted square.

Once the Marine is placed, the Marine player chooses a facing for the new piece:

Note on facing

When choosing facing, clicking on the piece itself (rather than an arrow) retains the automatic facing. Also, when choosing you may use the keypad 2,4,6,8 instead of the mouse.