Sulk Players' Manual

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Buttons and the map

Moving the map

Click in the mini map to move the view of the board:

The grey squares are rooms. Occupied squares are shown red (for Marines), green (for Blips) and blue (for Stealers).

Alternatively, you can click in the main map window with the middle mouse button, or use the arrow keys.


The CP button, the 'secret' button, the 'pause' button and the 'done' button are always present. Here the CP button and the 'done' button are disabled. The 'secret' button is pressed and 'pause' is enabled.

Each time a player has finished their action phase, they should click 'done'. The Marine player can press the CP button when they want to use Command Points. 'Pause' is used to halt the timer and enable the main menu. 'Secret' toggles between hiding and showing secrets (like the CP clock).

You can use the following keys:

C - hit CP button
D - hit 'done' button
S - hit 'secret' button
P - hit 'pause' button

Messages and the timer

Information messages and the Marine timer are shown at the bottom of the screen: