Sulk Players' Manual

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Game options


If you store a file called .sulkrc in your home directory Sulk will read it and use it to set options. Alternatively, leave the file in the same directory as and call it sulkrc. Here's an example sulkrc:

#Custom configuration
debug = yes

fullscreen = no
screen_width = 640
screen_height = 480

This will run Sulk in a window of 640x480 pixels, and print debugging information to the terminal. To see a full list of the settings available read the file sulkrc that comes with Sulk.


To see what command-line options are available run with the option -h. You should see something like this:

Sulk version 0.25
Copyright 2002 Toby Woodwark <(email address)>.  This program is free software; see COPYING for details.

Command line options are:
  -b, --beginner	  give the marine player extra time
  -c, --config FILE	  use configuration options from FILE (default: '$HOME/.sulkrc')
  -d, --debug		  show debugging output
  -f, --fullscreen	  use full screen graphics
  -g, --geometry WxH	  use graphics with width W and height H pixels (default: 800x600)
  -h, --help		  see this message
  -m, --missionsdir DIR	  use 'MISH*.py' files from directory DIR (default: 'data/missions')
  -s, --nosound		  suppress sounds
  -t, --themedir DIR	  use images from theme directory DIR (default: 'data/themes/default')
  -w, --windowed	  use windowed graphics (default)

If you specify one of these options it overrides anything found in your sulkrc.