Sulk Players' Manual

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The game board

Squares and rooms

Squares of the board look like this:
a grey square a grey square
They are where all the action happens and they only appear grouped together in rooms.

A room looks like this:
a line of grey squares
The dotted lines leading perpendicularly away from the edges of the squares indicate the places where two rooms meet. For our purposes, corridors and single squares can count as 'rooms'; this is just a piece of terminology meaning a connected group of squares.


Doors look like this:
a green thing
Once opened by a piece, they look like this:
a transparent rectangle
Doors can be opened and closed by pieces in adjacent squares. Closed doors make a square impassable to pieces, and block line of sight.

Flames look like this:
orange fire
Squares with flames on are impassable to pieces which stand outside the flaming area. (A square can actually have more than one set of flames on it at a time, but this has no meaning in the game.)

Entering and leaving the board

Stealer entry points look like this:
a white triangle pointing at a grey square
Stealers and blips lurk behind the triangle, out of play, until the Stealer player wants to bring them onto the board at the square which the triangle points to. Marines cannot enter or see into these lurking areas.

Exit points look like this:
a white arrow
In some missions pieces must leave the board at one or more places to complete the mission. They can do this at an exit point. Once off the board a piece cannot re-enter.


Some missions involve particular labelled objectives. In this case the relevant room will be marked with text like this:
some text saying 'Gene Bank'
This text disappears when the mission begins.