Sulk Players' Manual

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Rules of Space Hulk

Taking turns

The game consists of a series of turns. In a turn the two players each get a chance to move their pieces, the Stealers are reinforced, and we check to see if either team has won the game. The 'phase' sequence is for our purposes as follows:

  1. Clock/CP phase:

    The pieces become ready to use. The Marine player is given a countdown timer in which to complete his action phase. The Marine player is randomly given between 1 and 6 CPs (Command Points) to use before the end of the turn.
  2. Marine action phase:

    The Marine player chooses a piece to use (activate) and uses that piece until it is out of APs (Action points) to do things with. He activates more pieces until he has run out of pieces, run out of time, or decided to end his turn. (The Marine player may use CPs to return to previously used pieces.)
  3. Stealer reinforcement phase:

    Depending on the mission, the Stealer player places a certain number of blips, of random value, at Stealer entry points.
  4. Stealer action phase:

    Unless the Marine player interrupts, the Stealer player activates pieces and may use them until they are out of APs. (Once he has activated a piece, the Stealer player may not go on to use a different piece and then return.)
  5. End phase:

    Any temporary effects taking place are ended, and the pieces get their APs back. We see if anyone has won the game. Depending on the mission, other events may happen now as well.